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Re: On Bugs

>>"peter" == peter karlsson <peter@softwolves.pp.se> writes:

 peter> I did. To me, not making it possible to translate one of the
 peter> central package handling utility of the operating system
 peter> "makes the package unsuitable for a stable Debian release".

	Umm. You have just made a point (perhaps not one you were
 intending to make). It seems quite obvious to me that using a fully
 subjective judgment call  on what is unsuitable for a stable Debian
 release is perhaps not one that most end users can make.

	Admittedly, end users can't make the determination on whether
 a package violates policy in a manner that justifies an important bug

	I think we need to look further for a proper definiton of an
 important bug that is useable by end users as well.

	I think the policy violations may need a (hidden in report bg
 et al) severity ``policy''  reserveed for RC policy violations, or

 As long as we're going to reinvent the wheel again, we might as well
 try making it round this time. Mike Dennison
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