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Re: On Bugs

Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:
> as you said, you are very busy and have no time.  Many maintainers have this
> issue.  A pool of normal bugs either makes their packages look decently clean
> or at least trustwrothy.  However, many packages have bugs in normal that are
> actually problems.

Um, any normal severity bug is, by definition a problem. I don't

> So here is yet another "maybe we need a neew ..." and say that perhaps a bug
> should be marked "release critical" independant of its current severity.  Or
> perhaps only grave is release critical and we up/downgrade bugs from there.

I don't think that any fiddling with severity levels is going to make people
wake up and get to work on fixing their bugs, and that's the only real
solution to this problem.

see shy jo

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