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Re: Quota problem

On Tue, Oct 03, 2000 at 04:12:16PM +0200, Michael Moerz wrote:
> mmh, is that really so good? maybe your package is not the only one
> beeing installed and system partitions might have also quotas (obviously  
> nonesense, but who knows), so quotas might get screwed up when quotas was
> configured like this prior installing your package.

The quotas generated during installation time are not precise anyway, no
matter if I do this in the background or not.

> I would say there it should stay even on huge machines. I think that if
> you have the money to buy one huge box, it would be better to buy 2 and
> make use high-availability software.

It does not have to be that huge. When you have many users with a lot of
small files the check will last very long.

> I think the only way to cope with that would result in rewriting the
> quota-utilities. 

I'm afraid yes. It needs some sort of locking.

Michael Meskes
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