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Re: ITP: reiserfs (includes dh_installkernelpatch)


	I'd prefer to use Masato's package.  Mine was put together simply for
convince. I'd rather not duplicate efforts.  I would love to participate
in the development of official Reiser enabled Debian boot disks.  Perhaps
its time to brush up on Debian policy and become part of the team. :)

On Sun, Oct 01, 2000 at 07:58:20AM -0700, Seth Cohn wrote:

> (I'n not on Debian-boot, so please cc: me if you don't post to devel also)
> Jeremy Koch has created a set of Potato install disks meant to allow a
> ReiserFS installation of Debian.  I noticed this from freshmeat, but
[ snip ]
> Making sure the 'official packages' would allow use of his install
> disks would probably be useful, unless the debian-boot floppy team have
> something better planned.  Or vice versa, if Jeremy plans to modify his
> boot-floppies to use the 'official' packages.
[ snip ]
> > you read it wrongly, when carefully read you can see that those
> > restrictions on additional terms do not apply to the owner of the
> > copyright, and my interpretation of this shall govern for this license.



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