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Re: On Bugs

Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:
> just relating experience I have had over the last 2+ years as a maintainer. 
> Short of lighting a fire under someone, some bugs are simply ignored.
> At least by making a bug important, other people offer to help.

So essentially you're advocating using "important" bugs as a way to make
sure *someone* looks at a bug report, even if it's not the package

This doesn't scale at all of course. We're already overloaded with
important bugs, and if every user starts doing this, we will be back
right back to where we started from.

I look at this differently. If a bug report is filed, and the package
maintainer cannot be bothered to read it and at least reply, then they
arn't doing their job. The package needs a new maintainer.

see shy jo

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