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Re: On Bugs

> So essentially you're advocating using "important" bugs as a way to make
> sure *someone* looks at a bug report, even if it's not the package
> maintainer.
> This doesn't scale at all of course. We're already overloaded with
> important bugs, and if every user starts doing this, we will be back
> right back to where we started from.
> I look at this differently. If a bug report is filed, and the package
> maintainer cannot be bothered to read it and at least reply, then they
> arn't doing their job. The package needs a new maintainer.

 Why not a new severity: "unclassified".

 I've written this previously:

 The problem is this: Users should no be faced with such a description:
"important". That's an internal Debian tag, bug shows numbers instead of
that. Besides, it should probably not be the user's job to classify bugs,
that is maintainers job. I would modify current bug severities like this:

 I would add an "unclassified" severity. This is a *critical* severity.
Maintainers will need to assign the proper severity. This way it won't be
the same to have an open bug that you can't close, as not maintaining your
package. A bug that has been reported and never looked by the maintainer is
a sever thing, because that bug could be anything from a wishlist to a
critical bug, no matter to which severity it has been filed.

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