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Re: Glibc 2.1.94-3, fixes all issues with db libraries

Ben Collins writes:

> I don't have time to list everything it fixes, but I can tell you that it
> fixes EVERY issue that EVERYONE was having.

Indeed, it's working perfectly here. Cheers! (I will no longer have to
bug anyone about recompiling Perl...)

> For those bitten by The Great Glibc Update of 2000, welcome to our annual
> ritual.

As a visiting teacher of Zen told me last week, "pain is an essential
part of practice." It's good to know we're looking out for the
spiritual health of our users. ;-)

There is no TRUTH. There is no REALITY. There is no CONSISTENCY. There
are no ABSOLUTE STATEMENTS. I'm very probably wrong. -- BSD fortune(6)

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