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Glibc 2.1.94-3, fixes all issues with db libraries

If you had problems with the last few 2.1.94 packages (and even if you
didn't), get these. They are currently in incoming (to be installed later
this afternoon, then mirrors will get it some hours later). Make sure you
get the libdb2 that goes along with it.

I don't have time to list everything it fixes, but I can tell you that it
fixes EVERY issue that EVERYONE was having. Installing this should bring
you back to a worry free stable setup again (remember this is unstable, so
if your system breaks, it's probably someone elses fault, so I can't
guarantee everything).

For those bitten by The Great Glibc Update of 2000, welcome to our annual
ritual. Please stay tuned during the next few months where we install a new
gcc. This will be followed by self inflicted pain of stricter C++ syntax,
macro collisions, binary incompatability and general chaos among kernel
builds[1]. Thank you for your patronage, and please come again[2].


[1] Debian Chaos Events are scheduled on a haphazard basis. We make no
gurantees about show times.

[2] Debian Chaos Events are Copright 2000 Software in the Public Interest.
Any reproduction or rebroadcast of events in whole or in part requires
express written consent by SPI. 

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