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Re: Glibc 2.1.94-3, fixes all issues with db libraries

On Sat, 30 Sep 2000, Ben Collins wrote:

> [1] Debian Chaos Events are scheduled on a haphazard basis. We make no
> guarantees about show times.

Coming soon, Watch the Amazing Horse that dives into a Package Pool!! 
See the unstable freaks who apt-get update every 10 minutes!!!
Hear the weird wildman Bruce Perens! (appears courtesy of Technocrat.net)
The scary flamewars of Debian-devel... cover your kid's eyes!!!
Witness the key juggling and mirror manipulation of trained professionals!

> [2] Debian Chaos Events are Copyright 2000 Software in the PublicInterest.
> Any reproduction or rebroadcast of events in whole or in part requires
> express written consent by SPI. 

and in a parallel reality:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to another televised Major League Baseball
game.  In an effort to match the viewership of Monday Night Football, now
that Dennis Miller is part of it, we looked long and hard for someone,
someone with a great personality, wonderful people skills, and above all,
geek appeal.  We've found him in Richard M Stallman!!!  RMS, say hello.

RMS:  That's Gnu/Baseball.

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