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Re: severe deficiencies in our PAM setup

from the secret journal of Nicol?s Lichtmaier (nick@debian.org):
> > >  CPP syntax is a *very* well known preprocessor syntax, and it could give
> > > much flexibility not only in this case, but also in many other configuration
> > > files...
> > imho, m4 would be better if you want to do something like this. cpp has
> > a big problem for shell-type config files--it ain't real happy with # as
> > a comment character.
>  Uh? Here '#' is a perfect comment character for bash...

but it's also the first character of every CPP statement, so the interperter
will barf on any line with a comment.

>  Any of them would be fine, CPP's syntax is much more known than m4's,
> though...

lot's of people use sendmail. i don't (at all, ever, and not without good
reason), but m4 probably has enough exposure from sendmail to be understood
by at least somebody at your local LUG. not that i have a local LUG (cape
cod, massachusetts), but that's different story.

Jacob Kuntz

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