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Re: Outrage at Debian dropping security for 2.1

> > Does Mr. Peacock expect Debian to provide security updates for Debian 2.0,
> > 1.3, 1.2, or 1.1?  Does he expect, say, Red Hat, to provide security
> > updates for 6.0?  How about 5.0?  4.2?  1.0?

I don't think that was his problem but you can never be
sure :).  I think the problem is simply that Potato has
only been out for what... three months.  Upgrading to the
latest Debian is fine for most systems but definitely not
all.  That said, I don't see a problem with maintaining
major security upgrades for the previous release.  E.G. not
Debian <= 2.0.  Why do you think there is a 2.0.39 prepatch
set for the kernel?

I have this router in the corner which currently uses
Potato.  However, I shouldn't ever have to upgrade it
unless there is a security hole in SSH or the IP stack or
something.  It should run Potato 20 years from now provided
some new networking hardware doesn't get added :).

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