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Re: Outrage at Debian dropping security for 2.1

It was pointed out to me today that perhaps Mr. Peacock did not release
that Debian 2.1, a.k.a "slink", is *not* the currently released version of
the Debian system.

The current version is Debian 2.2, a.k.a. "potato", which was released in
July, and we certainly take security updates very, very seriously for this
release (as well as other issues, such as usability, that merit an update
to the released distribution).

Perusal of the past several weeks' worth of Linux Weekly News will reveal
that Debian is quite timely with security updates to our released current
distribution.  (The distribution currently in development, codenamed
"woody", sees updates literally every day.)

Does Mr. Peacock expect Debian to provide security updates for Debian 2.0,
1.3, 1.2, or 1.1?  Does he expect, say, Red Hat, to provide security
updates for 6.0?  How about 5.0?  4.2?  1.0?

Does Netscape continue to support Navigator 3.0?  2.0?  1.1?

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