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Re: Outrage at Debian dropping security for 2.1

> Does Mr. Peacock expect Debian to provide security updates for Debian 2.0,
> 1.3, 1.2, or 1.1?  Does he expect, say, Red Hat, to provide security
> updates for 6.0?  How about 5.0?  4.2?  1.0?

@work we have one RedHat 4.2 box in production.  Yes, it's old.  libc5.
Upgrading to glibc isn't exactly trivial.  Never touch a running system...
RedHat *does* provide security fixes for this release.

Others run RedHat 5.2.  Upgrading them to 6.x as-is would'nt work as the
root filesystem is too small for glibc 2.1.  Tried that (with a test box),
did'nt work.  So they will continue to run with 5.2 until they get
replaced with newer hardware anyway, simply because we can't upgrade
them easily without downtime.

Bottom line:  There are good reasons *not* to upgrade and continue using
an old release.  Sometimes "upgrade to potato" isn't a acceptable answer.


Protecting the children is a good way to get a lot of adults who cant
stand up for themselves.		-- seen in some sig on /.

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