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Re: hardware-screensaver: dpms

* Wichert Akkerman (wichert@cistron.nl) [000925 17:01]:
> Previously Karsten Tinnefeld wrote:
> > I think a default dmps setting should be set (and re-set after logout) 
> > in the display manager configurations. I filed an appropriate wishlist 
> > bug against gdm (#22617 in the gnome(!) bug database).
> It should be a per-user setting, not a per-system setting such as gdm
> settings. The proper place is the xscreensaver configuration. And
> surprise surprise! Go the the screensaver settings dialog for gnome
> and you will find power management settings.

Screensavers CAN be a user-setting. But they as well could be a
system-setting. This should not be limited to windowmanagers but rather be
somewhere deeper. Deeper even that xdm, gdm, kdm or BLAHdm.

Wouldn't some default power off generally make sense? Or could this be an
option in the X-setup?

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