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Re: Niggly little bug

[Followups set to -devel, please respect]

Ashley brought this up on debian-x:

On Fri, Sep 22, 2000 at 07:58:11AM -0500, Ashley Clark wrote:
> I'm not sure whether it's worth mentioning but I found a *small* bug in
> building the packages. I'm not sure whether something should be done in
> the Makefile or if it's common practice that I wasn't aware of.
> Regardless, this is the situation:
> Some languages have different sort orderings. If the package is being
> built outside of LANG=C and the sort ordering is different (say,
> capitals don't come first) then the test of comparing MANIFEST lists
> fails.
> Now, whether LANG=C should be set in the Makefile or if building a
> package when LANG!=C is incredibly stupid, I don't know. I just thought
> it should be mentioned.

Do we have a policy on this?

I've had a quick scan through the packaging manual, and I can't see
it.  My gut feeling is that maybe package builds should be run with
LANG=C, since to try to get them running in any locale requires some
quite complex testing from the maintainer (e.g. the issue above would
have been hard to spot).


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