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Re: Niggly little bug


On Fri, Sep 22, 2000 at 07:58:11AM -0500, Ashley Clark wrote:
> > Some languages have different sort orderings. If the package is being
> > built outside of LANG=C and the sort ordering is different (say,
> > capitals don't come first) then the test of comparing MANIFEST lists
> > fails.

I think that if your build depends on sorting order you have to
make sure that LC_COLLATE is set to C or POSIX. Be sure to test
if LC_ALL is set, because it overrides all other locale

> > Now, whether LANG=C should be set in the Makefile or if building a
> > package when LANG!=C is incredibly stupid, I don't know. I just thought
> > it should be mentioned.

If certain environment variables effect the building of the
package, I think upstream sources should be notified to change
this or at least add something like "LANG=C" to their Makefiles.
The IMHO correct dealing with these variables is done in
netscapes wrapper script (sanitizing LC_NUMERIC).

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