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Re: kernel-image and epoch

Santiago Vila wrote:

> > If you have to package something which is version "X" pre, using
> > something like "X-0.1.pre" as the version number is much better than
> > using "Xpre-1" and then having to use an epoch for 1:X-1.

> This is a matter of opinion.  There is no technical difference.

Not quite.

It doesn't matter much for Herbert's kernel-image packages, because
the version numbering is reset at the next kernel release (since each
version is in its own package with its own unique name).  For packages
in general, however, using epochs creates a mess, whereby one quickly
ends up with a version number like 24:3.7-1.  This kind of thing should
be avoided.

Personally, I consider using epochs to handle pre-releases to be poor
technique.  It can be done in a much better way.  Epochs should be
reserved for their intended purpose.

- Brian

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