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Re: Inability to get any sound with RV player

>>"Anne" == Anne Glentzer <stlhead5@vfr.net> writes:

	Folks, in my opinion the rationale for libre software is that
 it enables us to share, and form a community; essentially, helping
 other people. 

 Anne> Since I am obviously an IDIOT!!!  I thank you for being at
 Anne> least polite - I must have received 20 very rude and "crude"
 Anne> replies...

 	I apologize for the rudeness you encountered on this
 list. Though I	am not the best person to answer issues raised on
 microsoft operating systems, I'll try and do the best I can. I am
 given to understand that microsoft offers a program called
 Mediaplayer that would enable you to play music, if that is all you
 are looking for. The simplest way to install this is to start
 internet explorer, pull down the tools menu, and click on the Windows
 update option. 

	That shall lead you to a page microsoft has designed to ease
 installation of componets. I thik they have a means of downloading
 and installing media player right off that page. 

	An alternative software package is offered by the folks over
 at http://www.realplayer.com/. Though they try and sell you a $29
 product, they have a no cost version of the software on that page as

	Either one of these should allow you to play music on your
 machine again.

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