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Re: Inability to get any sound with RV player


        [CC: to debian-changes changed to debian-devel]
>>"Anne" == Anne Glentzer <stlhead5@vfr.net> writes:

 Anne> We have installed Internet Explorer 5.5 and we keep getting an
 Anne> error everytime we try to listen to music downloads - happened
 Anne> with 5.1 also... Says to contact vendor - any help>>>???
 Anne> thanks

	Since you have asked this in a Debian channel, I am assuming
 you wish a Debian oriented solution. My suggestion is to get the
 latest Debian 2.2 CD's, purge whatever version of windows you have on
 your machine, and try running Galeon. 

	I hope this helps.

        Thanks for your interest in Debian GNU/Linux.

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