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Re: SGML Man Pages?

On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> It is pretty easy to write manpages in SGML and convert them to nroff at
> compile time (as the dh_make example does), but what Sun does is much nicer,

Oh wow, that's new in woody and that is a sweet addition. I'm so glad you
pointed it out to me!

<grumble>I've been searching on and off for a SGML system to produce man
pages for almost 2 years now!</grumble>

> installing the SGML on the system, and converting it SGML->nroff->ASCII for
> viewing.  This allows the user performing other renderings, including HTML and
> printed documentation, from the installed documentation.

I haven't looked at Sun's other viewers, but a thing to note is that due
to the tagging you get things like external and internal URLs for free
when using a hypertext capable browser. I also suspect the HTML
representation of the man page can be much nicer than if you convert nroff
to html.

If lots of people are writing sgml man pages and using docbook-to-man to
convert them then I really think we need native support for them :>


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