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ITP: songprint


I intend to package songprint (http://www.freetantrum.org/).

Songprint is an open-source library (license GPL) that can
automatically identify any piece of music. It does this by
determining a song's unique audio "fingerprint", which is based
on the its acoustic properties and is independent of the song's
method of encoding.  Most importantly, it is not in any way
dependant on any information stored in the file itself. If it
cannot identify a song, it will give a URL where the song can be
added to its database.

According to
http://www.geocrawler.com/lists/3/SourceForge/6114/0/4320379/ it
seems that even the corresponding server and the database might
be released under an open license.

As I just entered nm I will also apply for a sponsor for this
package via debian's sponsorship program.

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