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Re: determining if we're using db.h from libc6 or libdb2?

On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 02:38:07PM -0700, Darren/Torin/Who Ever... wrote:
> Domenico Andreoli, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
> >i don't know how much what i'm going to say would be of help, but if you added
> >a new check in configure.in in order to let your source know what kind of db.h
> >you have? you could be pretty sure that your sources are getting compiled the
> >right way.
> Well, I'd need to know how to detect it.  I'm assuming that this isn't a
> bundled module with configure.  I can't just detect for db2.4 since that
> just happens to be the version included in glibc2.[01].  The user might
> just have that version installed.
of course you cannot test version numbers only. yes, version could help to
choose whether or not the test is needed. you know that below a certain
version you are speaking of db2 in glibc2 and above you are speaking of db2
out of glibc2. between these versions you have ambiguity and test is needed.
what to do in this test i'm not able to tell you.

> I suppose that I could have configure write a C program that included
> <db.h> and linked with -ldb.  If it failed, try including <db2/db.h> and
> if that worked, then I've isolated the problem in configure.
i suppose you should care what the linker is linking your test code at too, but
you already know this.

i have a printed manual of autoconf i've never read too much. it seems not to be
a great pain write new tests, but for sure it is neither *that* easy. i never did
such a thing before.

IMHO, your problem your problem is best solved by autoconf.

btw, if i'm not wrong, these changes in glibc2 affects many other developers.
maybe in autoconf's upstream level they will write this test. maybe.

i'm sorry i cannot help you more :((


ps: and if you check for something like __DB_H__ after the header that in older
glibc2 would have included it? if this symbol is not defined, it means that you
are talking about a glibc2 without db2. so you know where to look for it.
<db2/db.h>! since i don't know which relation exists between glibc2 headers and
db2 ones, i could be completely wrong. :(

just an idea to make simpler the test for autoconf. something like:

#include <whatever_glibc2_header_should_include_db_H.h>

int main()
#ifdef __DB_H__
  return 0;
  return 1;

checking the return of this test you should know what kind of db.h you have and
you don't even care about which library to link it at! this code should work
without any db2 library linked, since it doesn't reference any external symbol.
hmm, i'm not so sure of this last words... i'm not a great developer.

but once you know who db.h is, you know which db2 shared library you need.

... more 2 cents... :)

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