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Re: MIDI Notation Software

Hello world,

I have been looking at some MIDI notation softwares. 

First of all there is STed2 in DebianJP project, and it seem like a
nice work. But it's not a notation software: it is a sequencer, and
text-based, like the mod trackers.

Then, "denemo" a lilypond frontend that seems promising but which I
have not managed to make it work.

I have managed to compile GSeq, and made a package of it, and .deb
files et al are available at : 
(note that I have not managed to do anything useful with this)
The upstream has been very quiet, and I guess the upstream has lost
interest or something...

Some music software not in Debian and personally not being able to
compile (yet?):

aRTs: http://arts.linuxave.net/
 sounds promising, but require KDE, and KDE-dev hasn't hit my local
 mirrors yet...

BINARS: http://binars.sourceforge.net/
melyseq: http://www.parabola.demon.co.uk/melys/index.html
 cannot compile cleanly -- needs some hacking ?
softwerk: http://softwerk.sourceforge.net/
MusE: http://muse.seh.de/
 depends on KDE.

octal: http://www.gnu.org/software/octal/octal.html
 seems like something else.

Has anyone tried any of them, or packaged them ? As KDE2.2 has become
GPL, those GPL'd programs can come into Debian now. It's worth getting
some of them into Debian to make Debian a fine environment for

There probably needs to be some policy on how MIDI is handled between
programs, or it will be very difficult to integrate programs.


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