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Re: determining if we're using db.h from libc6 or libdb2?

Domenico Andreoli, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>i don't know how much what i'm going to say would be of help, but if you added
>a new check in configure.in in order to let your source know what kind of db.h
>you have? you could be pretty sure that your sources are getting compiled the
>right way.

Well, I'd need to know how to detect it.  I'm assuming that this isn't a
bundled module with configure.  I can't just detect for db2.4 since that
just happens to be the version included in glibc2.[01].  The user might
just have that version installed.

I suppose that I could have configure write a C program that included
<db.h> and linked with -ldb.  If it failed, try including <db2/db.h> and
if that worked, then I've isolated the problem in configure.

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