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Mozilla PSM (https support)

Since the RSA code was put in the public domain, the
Personal Security Manager (aka PSM) that allows SSL/https connections
has become opensource under the same license as mozilla (MPL/GPL)

- License is DFSG Free (MPL/GPL)
- Uses OpenSSL for encryption (BSD Style License(s))
- Soure is in upstream mozilla cvs tree, and will (if not already) be 
  be in upstream release tarballs
- PSM Requires mozilla libraries to build

- Can the PSM go in Main?
- If Not in main, how do I build this so that mozilla(noncrypto parts) 
  goes in main, while mozilla-psm goes to non-us/main with minimum amount
  of manual work? (when answering this, keep the autobuilders in mind)
- Is there anything I've forgotten?

Frank aka Myth

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