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Re: Mozilla PSM (https support)

On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 12:42:37PM -0400, Franklin Belew wrote:
> Questions:
> - Can the PSM go in Main?
> - If Not in main, how do I build this so that mozilla(noncrypto parts) 
>   goes in main, while mozilla-psm goes to non-us/main with minimum amount
>   of manual work? (when answering this, keep the autobuilders in mind)
> - Is there anything I've forgotten?

Note that Netscape 4.75 is in main.

You might consider building two copies of mozilla, but frankly I'm
beginning to tire of this US/non-US crap with our packages.  Wasn't
someone going to have a look at the regulations or something?  IIRC the
policies were up for review in four months, but it's been longer than that
by quite some measure.

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