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ITP: spong

  Spong is a simple systems and network monitoring package. It does not compete
with Tivoli, OpenView, UniCenter, or any other commercial packages. It is not
SNMP based, it communcates via simple TCP based messages. It is written in perl
and easily modifiable.

  Its features include:

 * client based monitoring (CPU, disk, processes, logs, etc.)
 * monitoring of network services (smtp, http, ping, pop, dns, etc.)
 * grouping of hosts (routers, servers, workstations, PCs)
 * rules based messaging when problems occur
 * configurable on a host by host basis
 * results displayed via text or web based interface
 * history of problems
 * verbose information to help diagnosis problems
 * modular programs to makes it easy to add or replace check functions or 
 * Big Brother BBSERVER emulation to allow Big Brother Clients to be used

  The packages are mostly done. I have splitted them into four as follows: 

  spong-common: The libraries and config files used by all of the programs,
                and the documentation
  spong-client: A text based program to collect information from the spong
                server (spong), a command line driven program to acknowledge 
                problems (spong-ack) and the client programs to monitor the 
                local system and network services (spong-client and 
  spong-www:    The cgi-binaries, gifs and html used by the web interface,
                the spong-rrd program and data_rrd plugins for making charts 
                from load average, number of users etc. information returned 
                by spong-client. (Note: the web interface must not be in the
                same box with the spong-server)
  spong-server: The spong daemon, a program for alerting adminstrators when 
                problems occur (spong-message) and a program for automated 
                maintance of the spong database (spong-cleanup)

  The biggest problem with spong currently is that no authentication between
the server and the clients exists. That is, the server trusts all information
it is fed. I'll probably wait until this issue is addressed upstream and work
on debconf configuration before uploading. Meanwhile, comments and experiences
about the packages are more than welcome. They are available at:

deb http://master.debian.org/~pa spong/
deb-src http://master.debian.org/~pa spong/ 

P.A. Knuutila <zur@edu.lahti.fi> 363C ACE2 0A4F DE7E B67A 0223 C53B 932B

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