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Re: gpm and X problem investigated

> As the gpm maintainer I will try and stay polite and explain some
> things.
> <snip>
> On Sat, Sep 02, 2000 at 07:46:51PM +0200, Massimo Dal Zotto wrote:
> > I had the same problems when using the new defaults (-R ms3 and
> > Intellimouse on /dev/gpmdata).
> Can you please give specifics?

Yes. I have an old serial mousesystems on ttyS0. I configured gpm (1.17.8-18)


the X sever (xserver-svga 3.3.6-10) with:

    Section "Pointer"
        Protocol    "intellimouse"
        Device      "/dev/gpmdata"

and set the mouse acceleration in .xsession with:

    xset m 1 1

With these settings the mouse works but it has a very annoying "deceleration"
effect on the X cursor: when moving the mouse slowly the cursor has a normal
speed but when moving it faster the cursor moves very slowly. Under console
the mouse behaves normally. Using a mouse with this behavior makes you sick
so I had to configure gpm and X with the default msc repeater type.

> > Another nasty thing is that if you use the task-selection interface gpm
> > is not installed by default and there is no way to add it manually to the
> > package list.
> Eww, I will have to get that corrected.

gpm should be installed by default or even better be included in the base

> <snip>
> Repeating in /ANY/ protocol except ms3/IntelliMouse is NOT an option, it
> will not work with X4, the ONLY protocol which will work for gpm
> repeating to X4 is ms3/IntelliMouse.

This seems not correct. I have never tried X4 but other users reported that
msc on gpmdata works fine also with X4.

Anyway if msc and other protocols didn't work with gpmdata I would consider
this a severe bug of X4 which should be fixed as soon as possible.

> Raw is just screaming loudly for it to break, msc no longer works and
> does not support the features of newer mice, there is exactly one
> option, ms3/IntelliMouse.
> Further having X and gpm try to coexist without repeating is also a
> non-option, on some systems it breaks badly.
> Thus, we have three possible choices.
> 1: gpm installed without X, no problems.
> 2: X installed without gpm, no mouse under console, but otherwise no
> problems.
> 3: gpm and X installed with gpm repeating to X in the ms3/IntelliMouse
> protocol.
> There are no other options, these are the only configurations which will
> work on all systems.

As I explained before this doesn't work on my system, so I suggest:

4: gpm and X installed with gpm repeating to X in the msc/MouseSystems

Massimo Dal Zotto

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