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Re: Mozilla update in Potato Proposed updates?

>>>>> "Frank" == Frank Belew <frb@wiw.org> writes:

    Frank> I've been toying with the idea of uploading a new mozilla
    Frank> to=20 proposed-updates to get cleaned up before the potato
    Frank> R1 release.  Any comments on this?  Potato Mozilla version
    Frank> is M14 As of this Mail, Mozilla is at M17

    Frank> If you have reasons why it shouldn't be in potato I'd like
    Frank> to know I may be able to fix most if not all of the serious
    Frank> problems Please keep in mind how obscenely old the current
    Frank> potato mozilla is before commenting.

    Frank> (PS: Please keep the discussion on the list, so ideas
    Frank> aren't repeated, and other opinions can be voiced, and I
    Frank> couldn't care less if you CC me)

This is one problem with our current release cycle that I believe
will be solved by package pools...

...if/when it gets implemented that is.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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