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Re: OT Re: /bin/ksh as a default POSIX shell

On 20000906T033439-0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 05, 2000 at 10:03:56AM +0200, Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler wrote:
> > Saved to "branden.asc" and 'gpg -d branden.asc' results in
> > 
> > gpg: CRC error; 72a653 - dc372a
> > gpg: quoted printable character in armor - probably a buggy MTA has been used
> This concerns me a lot more than the joke itself or what led up to it.
> Does anyone else have this problem with that mail?

If you save the message to a mailbox (s or C in mutt), the save will
include QP.  Likewise if you pipe (|) it to gpg.  However, if you
copy&paste it from mutt, it's OK.

It's just that mutt does not QP-decode messages that it saves and pipes.

> In fact, I'm gonna be mondo pissed no matter whose bug this is, let's try
> and track it down.

It's probably a pilot error.

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