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Re: OT Re: /bin/ksh as a default POSIX shell

On Tue, Sep 05, 2000 at 10:03:56AM +0200, Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler wrote:
> Saved to "branden.asc" and 'gpg -d branden.asc' results in
> gpg: CRC error; 72a653 - dc372a
> gpg: quoted printable character in armor - probably a buggy MTA has been used

This concerns me a lot more than the joke itself or what led up to it.

Does anyone else have this problem with that mail?  You don't have to be
able to decrypt the message to see if the ASCII armoring has been borked.
If mutt is hosing up my mails I'm gonna be mondo pissed.  If my MTA
(postfix) or murphy's MTA (still qmail?) is hosing up my mails I'm gonna be
mondo pissed.

In fact, I'm gonna be mondo pissed no matter whose bug this is, let's try
and track it down.  When I discovered that fetchmail was mangling GPG mails
a year or so ago, I had a thrombosis about it.

> Well, I was able to "repair" and read it. Even if I wanted to tell you,
> I'm afraid I can't. Or is there a difference between private-mail and
> privately-encrypted-mail-on-a-public-forum in this regard?

I release you from any obligations of confidentiality, but it really was
just a worthless joke.  :)

> Besides, you don't really want to know - it's a somehow, hmmm, strange (to
> say the least) choice of language ;-)

It's a colloquial (and profane) expression, custom-tailored to express my
resentment of government agents and anyone who I think might be promoting
their anti-privacy agenda.  :)

G. Branden Robinson             |   When I die I want to go peacefully in
Debian GNU/Linux                |   my sleep like my ol' Grand Dad...not
branden@debian.org              |   screaming in terror like his passengers.
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