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Re: WTF does zsh 3.1.9 does in potato-proposed-updates ?

> The completion control system has changed, along with a few other
> minor details. I am myself a zsh user and have since made the
> adjustment; I'm not sure the attitude others have towards their
> zshrc's. A number of the mechanisms used prior to zsh-3.1.x to
> control the completion behavior are no longer available at all.
> This is probably the source of his complaint.

I don't believe that's true.  The compctl stuff in 3.1, though deprecated,
should be, on the whole, behave the same as it did in 3.0.  However, that's
irrelevant, because the version present in virgin potato is 3.1.
Any new-style completion system "incompatibilities" between the version
in potato and the one in proposed-updates can be considered bugfixes.
There is no point in supporting the version in potato longer than necessary,
as there have been numerous bugfixes since then, both within the completion
system and elsewhere.  In short, a new version should definitely be
included in the next point release.

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