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Re: WTF does zsh 3.1.9 does in potato-proposed-updates ?

Package: zsh
Version: 3.1.9.dev6-1

Clint Adams <schizo@debian.org> writes:

> > Why a new zsh was introduced in potato-proposed-updates ? It's not
> > compatible with thw previous version...
> What do you mean, it's not compatible?

"zmodload complist" does not work for example (it says it cannot find
the module).

  phil@ceramic:~% zmodload complist
  zsh: failed to load module: complist
  zsh: exit 1
  phil@ceramic:~% zmodload /usr/lib/zsh/3.1.9-dev-6/zsh/complist.so 
  zsh: invalid module name `/usr/lib/zsh/3.1.9-dev-6/zsh/complist.so'
  zsh: exit 1
  phil@ceramic:~% strings =zsh | grep /usr/lib

I notice that in the previous zsh version, there were some .so files
in both /usr/lib/zsh/3.1.6-dev-21 and /usr/lib/zsh/3.1.6-dev-21/zsh but
the new zsh only has .so files in /usr/lib/zsh/3.1.9-dev-6.

My point was why was zsh 3.1.9-dev-6 was introduced into
potato-proposed-updates while the previous version was 3.1.6-dev-21 ?

We freeze potato for 3 months and get a working system, and as soon as
it is released we add some packages that break it along with the
security fixes (proposed-updates).

I've opened a bug against zsh for the aforementioned behavior.


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