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Re: ITP lame

[this is debian-devel, where we don't Cc unless explicitly asked]

On Tue, Sep 05, 2000 at 05:24:12PM +0200, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> The policy says about non-US:
> 2.1.5. The non-us server
> ------------------------

That's in the context of "how to categorize a package", not a list of
Debian machines and their one and only purposes.

What frustrates me is that there's software that's

- useful
- free
- legal (at least for quite a few millions of people)

but not officially available for Debian.

I understand fully that using the name "non-US" for patent-encumbered
software is wrong. However, the machine pandora.debian.org is in an
excellent position to also host a "non-Software-Patents" section of the
archive, which can again be subdivided in main, contrib and non-free.

The idea is that the first face shown to people is one they can readily
accept - a more traditional logo. The lunacy element is only revealed
subsequently, via the LunaDude. [excerpted from the Lunatech Identity Manual]

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