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Re: ITP lame

>>"Adrian" == Adrian Bunk <bunk@fs.tum.de> writes:

 Adrian> The non-US server is only for packages that include
 Adrian> cryptographic program code. 

 Adrian> non-US has NOTHING to do with patents or other restrictions
 Adrian> on the use of the packages. You are even allowed to use these
 Adrian> packages inside the USA.

	IMHO the policy says no such thing. It says that if a package
 has actual crypto code, it goes in non_US, but packages with no
 crypto code, just onterfaces to them, need not go into non-US. 

	Policy is not all-encompassing; and since it does not mention
 patent encumberment, it is perfectly fine for non-US to host them, as
 long as the local laws that non-US is governed by are not violated.

	Why should parochial laws prevent this? 

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