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Re: No german umlauts in console and xterm

> > When typing german umlauts my system behaves 
> > inconsistent:

> > When typing in xterm|gnome-terminal windows they
> > don't appear. Some chars do beep, but none of the
> > umlauts appear.

The following code in your .bashrc should cure this, see stty(1):

if tty -s
    stty pass8

You should also select a display font with iso-8859-1 or -15 

> (BTW, it seems an underdocumented X feature that you can use things
> like Win-K on Any Keyboard[tm] to get an ë (eh, pine beeps while
> pico doesn't...)) 

Don't think so. This is language dependent. Take a look through 
`xmodmap -pke` for a feeling of what wonderful »@¶³¼½³²¼¦°£¬¢ð« stuff you 
can produce.

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