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galeon CVS debian packages ; building debs for M18?

I've started making debian packages of the latest galeon CVS trees
available over at:


The 0.7.3 deb available there has been slightly enhanced as well, see the

Potato users will probably want to read
http://silverchair.futureks.net/~solomon/galeon/potato.html for
isntallation instructions.  If you don't know whether you're running
potato, then you probably are :D

In my opinion, the builds in both of these debs are quite useable and the
packages no longer have very big problems.  Perhaps someone should take
them up and stick them into the unstable debian distribution?

In other news, i'm looking into attempting to apply the patches given here
and build these packages for Mozilla M18 nightlies.  There are M18 debian
packages available from XK at:


The problem is that there are no mozilla-dev M18 packages available with
which I can compile galeon.  This especially sucks because, if the recent
comments about building with GCC 2.95.2 are true, the only reason i've been
able to do so is because the M17 mozilla and mozilla-dev packages were
compiled by the debian maintainer using GCC 2.95.2.  This means that,
unless the debian maintainer feels like going to the trouble of compiling
M18 mozilla and mozilla-dev packages, it will be extremely difficult for me
to get galeon to compile for M18.  Hrm, I think i'll send this to the
debian mozilla maintainer and the debian devel list as well as this list :)

Anyway, I'm just mentioning this in case anyone has some ideas/information
that I don't.  Any information would be appreciated.  From what I hear,
some of the recent nightlies (ones without bugs 50994 and 51164) have been
extremely nice, and i know that galeon's CVS tree is looking quite good
(and will only get better), so it would be awesome for people to get to
play with both of these things :)

Jared Johnson

They are relatively good but absolutely terrible.
		-- Alan Kay, commenting on Apollos

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