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Re: ITP: unixodbc

On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:

> Description: ODBC tools libraries
>  Binaries and libraries from the unixODBC package.
>  .
>  15. libodbcpgsql.so (driver for PostgreSQL)
How does it correspond to the current ODBC driver of PostgreSQL?

>  18. isql        (cmd line tool... batch & interactive SQL)
There will be a name space pollution with Interbases isql (which
is comparable to psql of PostgreSQL).  Please contact Ed Booras
which will package Interbase.

>  19. Driver Template (a template for Driver programmers)
>  20. DataManager     (GUI to explore ODBC Data Sources)

What about inclusion of FreeTDS.  Unfortunately the development of
version 0.51, which I wanted to package, need much more time than I expected.
Looks reasonable to me, if the ODBC driver of this project would be
included, too.  This would eneable access to MS SQL and Sybase servers.

Kind regards


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