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ITP: unixodbc

Description: ODBC tools libraries
 Binaries and libraries from the unixODBC package.
 1.  libodbc.so      (ODBC Driver Manager)
 2.  ODBCConfig      (GUI Setup using libodbcinst.so)
 3.  libodbcinst.so  (ODBC Installer/Setup)
 4.  odbcinst        (cmd line UI for libodbcinst.so)
 5.  libini.a        (ini file handler)
 6.  liblog.a        (log handler)
 7.  libodbcdrvcfg1S.so  (GUI config for server based sources... basic)
 8.  libodbcdrvcfg2S.so  (GUI config for file based sources... basic)
 9.  liboplodbcS.so  (GUI config for OpenLink's opl driver)
 10. libodbcminiS.so (GUI config for MiniSQL driver)
 11. libodbcmyS.so   (GUI config for MySQL driver)
 12. libodbcpgsqlS.so    (GUI config for PostgreSQL driver)
 13. libodbcmini.so  (driver for MiniSQL)
 14. libodbcmy.so    (driver for MySQL)
 15. libodbcpgsql.so (driver for PostgreSQL)
 16. libodbctxt.so   (driver for Text files)
 17. dltest      (simple cmd line tool)
 18. isql        (cmd line tool... batch & interactive SQL)
 19. Driver Template (a template for Driver programmers)
 20. DataManager     (GUI to explore ODBC Data Sources)

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