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Re: X and runlevels

On Mon 04 Sep 2000, Anton Ivanov wrote:
> Example:
> 	I had to go into an intermediate single user mode boot on some of
> my machines after forgetting to turn off xdm after changing video cards. 
> Or during dealing with laptop docking gear. 
> 	If there was a boot with X disabled and xdm installed it would have 
> made life a bit easier.

Actually, that used to be a problem (I've had that as well, where an
incorrectly configured X e.g. for a different card caused an infinite
loop of switching to X and back again, so that you never have the
chance of switching with alt-ctrl-F1 and staying there).  Nowadays xdm
detects that the X server is looping, and after a couple of times
stops restarting the X server.  This has saved me once or twice.
Thanks, Branden! (or was it someone else's work?)

Paul Slootman
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