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Re: gpm and X problem investigated

On Fri, Sep  1, 2000 at 00:22:23 +0200 (+0000), J.A. Bezemer wrote:
> a. Let gpm default to repeating in raw mode (to solve 6.), and add a very
>    clear notice that X should be (re)configured with /dev/gpmdata but using
>    the real protocol -- but when gpm is either stopped or removed/purged, that
>    the X config should be changed again (!! I don't know any package that
>    requires _another_ package to be _manually_ reconfigured on install/
>    remove).
> b. Let gpm default to not repeating at all, without needing any further
>    documentation (AFAIK; I don't remember questions on gpm <-> X behaviour
>    in slink).

Raw mode just repeats what's coming in?

How about <HACK style=ugly> "ln -s mouse /dev/gpmdata" on removal and
recreating a device on install. Watching the upgrades of course.<HACK>

Just an idea - don't shoot me, yet.


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