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Re: APT problem

Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@ualberta.ca> writes:

> On 30 Aug 2000, Alex Romosan wrote:
> > can we please, please reverse the behaviour, or at least make it
> > configurable in /etc/apt/apt.conf, something like PreferLocal "yes".
> > if there is such an option and i missed it, please point it out to me.
> Come up with a reasonable situation where you would want to have a
> non-held package not be moved to the archive version of the same version
> but be moved to the newer archive version :>

if a new version becomes available, i don't mind upgrading. i just
don't want apt to "upgrade" to the archive package if the packages
have the same version. i think the ability to set this as a
configuration option is best.

as for a reasonable situation... let's say i want to compile some
packages with pentium optimizations on, but if there is a new version
i would like to upgrade automatically. now dselect tells me there is a
new version, but if i use apt-get upgrade i won't even know the new
version exists.

i don't know if you consider the above situation reasonable, but for
me it is. this is why i would like to be able to change the current
behaviour with an option in apt.conf.


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