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Re: ITP: Biomail - automated medical searcher

On Sat, 19 Aug 2000, Seth Cohn wrote:

> Author is excited about getting this packaged for Debian.
> Homepage is http://biomail.sourceforge.net
NIce news.  This saves me some work I wanted to do since I visited
the lession about BioMail on the conference in Bordeaux.  Go for it!

> I think this will go into contrib, since it uses PubMed's database,
> and it is pretty useless without access to their database.  The code itself
Hmmm, but you don't have to install this database on your own box!
You just access it via http, if I'm not completely wrong.
So what.  Accessing non-free databases in the net shouldn't exclude
a software from main in my opinion.  Files in contrib have a
"Depends: foo-nonfree" in their control file, but I think you won't
do a "Depends: PubMed" because there will be no PubMed package.

> I'm still waiting in the new maintainer queue, but I'm sure I can get this  
> uploaded via sponsorship.
I would sponsor the package.
Kind regards


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