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Re: ITP: Biomail - automated medical searcher

> > Author is excited about getting this packaged for Debian.
> > Homepage is http://biomail.sourceforge.net
> NIce news.  This saves me some work I wanted to do since I visited
> the lession about BioMail on the conference in Bordeaux.  Go for it!
> > I think this will go into contrib, since it uses PubMed's database,
> > and it is pretty useless without access to their database.  The code itself
> Hmmm, but you don't have to install this database on your own box!
> You just access it via http, if I'm not completely wrong.

You are correct.  My error, since I didn't check the definition of
contrib.  So long as it's not a package, the dependance on the external
website is ok.  I thought any external dependances made it non-main.
But it's GPL, so it's DFSG compliant 100%.

Ok, it'l be in main then.  Are there plans to make the new science
subsection soon? This would fit in there nicely.

> I would sponsor the package.



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