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Re: xpdf-i obseleted by xpdf

On Sun, Aug 20, 2000 at 08:59:57AM -0300, Henrique M Holschuh wrote:
> > xpdf already conflicts and replaces xpdf-i. Am I correct in saying that
> > there's no way I can cause an automatic upgrade from xpdf-i to xpdf?
> Hmm... I'll take the oportunity to ask an old doubt of mine: 
> Will it work if xpdf-i is made an empty package which depends on xpdf, and
> its description is changed so as to explain the user that she should purge
> xpdf-i ?  (xpdf still conflicts with xpdf-i).

It will, just make new xpdf conflict with (<< version_before_merge) of
xpdf-i. (But it'll still be ugly)

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