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[CTP]: dnsmasq

Since most dailup user won't install DNS servers, these
utilities are very useful for people using NAT.
Please consider package these.

Dnsmasq is small utility designed to provide DNS (domain name) services
to a small network connected to the internet via a NAT (network address
translation, AKA ip-masquerade) firewall and a part-time, ie modem,
It is GPLed. 

djbdns is a collection of Domain Name System tools. It includes several 
The dnscache program is a local DNS cache. It accepts recursive DNS queries 
from local clients such as web browsers. It collects responses from remote 
DNS servers. 
The tinydns program is a fast, UDP-only DNS server. It makes local DNS 
information available to the Internet. 
The pickdns program is a load-balancing DNS server. It points clients to a 
dynamic selection of IP addresses. 
The walldns program is a reverse DNS wall. It provides matching reverse and 
forward records while hiding local host information. 
The rbldns program is an IP-address-listing DNS server. It uses DNS to 
publish a list of IP addresses, such as RBL or DUL. 
The dns library handles outgoing and incoming DNS packets. It can be used 
by clients such as web browsers to look up host addresses, host names, MX 
records, etc. It supports asynchronous resolution. 
The dnsfilter program is a parallel IP-address-to-host-name converter. 
The dnsip, dnsipq, dnsname, dnstxt, and dnsmx programs are simple command-
line interfaces to DNS. 
The dnsq and dnstrace programs are DNS debugging tools. 
It's like qmail's license. So should be in non-free

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