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OT: 64MB laptop DIMM for donation

Sorry to post this to -devel, but it wasn't clear where else to post, and
I didn't have any luck on IRC.  Plus, hopefully this will help somebody

I have 64MB memory module from an IBM Thinkpad 385XD but it should fit in
any model that takes 60ns 8Mx64 3.3v memory.  (I don't know if it's
buffered or not.)  It's an IBM part, FRU: 42H2817, and also says "OPT:
76H0268" on the label.

If you are sure that you can use this stick of memory and are a
contributor to Debian, send me an email signed with your Debian key (or
have your sponsor/mentor/"Debian person who can vouch for your
contribution" send an email on your behalf), and I'll drop it in the mail
to you.  (In the case of multiple responses, I'll do something fair, or at
least creative.)


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