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Re: Intent To Split: netbase

jpk@cape.com (Jacob Kuntz)  wrote on 15.08.00 in <[🔎] 20000815025401.D6648@cape.com>:

> Clint Adams (schizo@debian.org) wrote:
> > > 	No real reason? Only one package can listen in on port 25, and
> >
> > Only one package can listen on port 25 of one IP.  It is possible to
> > have multiple packages listening on different ports or different IPs.
> >
> hadn't thought of that. but once again, is there any benefit to that at all?
> will the efort required by the maintainers to get this working properly
> (including reading bug reports) ever balance against the tiny number of
> people that would use this feature? anyone that has a reason can certianly
> set this up themselves.

*Is* there significant effort needed from the maintainers?

At least for the case of Exim, I suspect the effort reduces to a trivial  
edit of debian/control iff you accept that people installing more than one  
MTA have to create a sane configuration manually.

And I suspect it's not really different for other MTAs.

MfG Kai

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