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Re: Intent To Split: netbase

On Mon, Aug 14, 2000 at 10:53:06PM -0700, Joey Hess wrote:
> Branden Robinson wrote:
> > Fine with me; either interpretation would get traceroute into (/usr)?/bin.
> Same here, but ..
> > On the other hand, fsck seems to be a good example of a program that can't
> > do much for the unprivileged user.
> <advocate type="devil's">
> Anyone can own a block device.
> </advocate>

OK, how about moving everything into /bin except what FHS specifically
says should be in /sbin?  Section 3.10[0] identifies the following
specifically to be located in /sbin:

hwclock, getty, init, update, mkswap, swapon, swapoff, fastboot, fasthalt,
halt, reboot, shutdown, fdisk, fsck, fsck.*, mkfs, mkfs.*, ifconfig,
and route

(*=one or more of ext, ext2, minix, msdos, xia, and perhaps others)

It's a concrete test, it'll satisfy what seems to be the majority opinion,
and we can claim FHS compliance for it.

For those few remaining executables, people can make a symlink, change
their PATH, create an alias, or type /sbin/ first.  Of these, probably
only ifconfig and route are used by many non-root users (although Joey's
got a point).

  [0] <http://www.pathname.com/fhs/>


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