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Re: X with wdm capable of selecting host at login

On Mon, Aug 14, 2000 at 02:23:50PM -0700, Philippe Troin wrote:
> In /etc/X11/wdm/wdm-config, add:
>   ! Use our chooser
>   DisplayManager*chooser:		<path-to-chooser>
> Start X with "X -indirect localhost" and voila.

Ok, this sounds like like what I am looking for but, I seem to be brain
dead. If I modify the wdm-config as noted and resart wdm via

# /etc/init.d/wdm resart

I just get the normal login. Which I assume is the correct behavior for
wdm since I haven't started X as noted (and yes the chooser is installed). 
So I

# /etc/init.d/wdm stop
# X -indirect localhost

and I get an X background with a mouse cursor but no wdm panel. I, once
again, assume that this is the correct behavior. So I am now thinking,
do I pass these options to X via the /etc/X11/wdm/Xservers file? If so
the syntax is beyond me at the moment. I would like to think that I am
not as dumb as a bag of hammers but facts tend to implicate me as so
being :-/

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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